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Growing Your Own Food

When I made the choice to live a healthier life I started looking into growing my own fruits and vegetables. I started small with only one planter box and now I am up to 3 and have added 13 fruit trees as well. The food tastes so much better and the feeling you get when you can go out to your garden and pick what you need and walk back into the house and cook it is one of the best feelings. It doesn't get fresher than that!

My husband made these lifted planters for me that makes it easier on the body to maintain a vegetable garden and keeps most of the animals out (can't keep those cats out though).

It will take a few tries before you figure out what works best in your climate, but you can research the fruits and vegetables that grow in your region and when to plant. Living on the Texas coast, I have to make sure I time things correctly. The first year I planted broccoli I planted it at the time that it told me to but learned that I needed to plant it about a month sooner as we got too hot too quickly and it flowered, ruining the entire crop. If you are concerned about your first attempt at gardening you can always start with more hardy, less finicky vegetables. I would recommend squash as those have a tendency to flourish no matter what and yield a lot.

If you want to get started on your own vegetable garden and have questions send them to me and I will be happy to help! I also love getting pictures of my clients gardens and the fruits/vegetables that they have grown.

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